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iA ノートブック The Notebook for Writers

iA ノートブック The Notebook for Writers

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Watermark lines guide your pen. As your words come into focus, the lines fade into the background. The iA Notebook has been a labor of love, spanning several years of trials and fails and deeply engaging our designer team.

These watermark guidelines are subtle and unobtrusive, offering direction without overpowering the page. The high contrast between the discreet guidelines and the ink from your pen creates an optical illusion: the lines seem to vanish gradually as you write.

Once your thoughts have taken shape on the page, the lines fade into the background, allowing your text to take center stage. It’s an optical illusion, based on the way our eyes work. We focus on the highest contrast. Since the ink is stronger than the watermark lines, the watermarks appear to be invisible.

Each notebook is hand-crafted. Our bookbinder will deliver them in batches. We estimate the first batch will ship in July, 2024.

Pages: 142
Size: A5
Ships from: Japan
Shipping cost: Depends on country. From 3+ books, shipping is free.
Taxes: VAT not included. Import taxes and tariffs may apply, depending on your region.

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